Fish the best destinations for Walleye and Smallies with a professional guide

Fishing Equipment

Every species requires specialized equipment

We will keep you on the fish and catching while using all the best equipment for the specific species targeted, whether its spring walleye or summer smallies, we supply what is needed for a special day on the water. My boat is setup for maximum comfort and safety, is inspected and certified by the Michigan DNR and I am licensed through the USCG.

Fishing Competition

Large group charters and a little friendly competition

We often accommodate large groups requiring several boats, resulting in bragging rights! We have a network of great guides to make your experience on the water an exciting trip and naturally most of these guides started out as true competitors. So don't be afraid to book those corporate charters and keep things interesting we will!

Educational Experience

Learn from a professional

Fish are a moving target often resulting in frustration, so take out the guess work and learn from the guide that makes a career on these waters. Guides have to keep up with all the latest techniques and gadgets to make your experience the best it can be, there is no better way to learn about fish then a hands on experience. My passion is fishing but also passing on my knowledge and experience. Rest assured I will work to ensure your greatest experience on the water!

Where to Fish

Fish are migratory

Whether its is walleye or smallmouth the fish migrate in the Great Lakes system and we really never know what port we will be fishing. With the Great Lakes comes many factors that we have to work with or against, so the based on fish location, winds and water conditions we may need to move from port to port. I keep close tabs on the conditions to ensure your experience is safe and exciting. This is a passion for me and I want your trip to be treated as my most important.

Whether you're looking for a hands-on fishing education that you can take back to your own boat or simply looking for an enjoyable time on the water catching fish after fish, here's a charter and guide service that you can appreciate!!

Contact the Captain

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